Review by Bridge Guys

Bridge Guys review

World Computer Bridge Championship and the History of these Software Programs

The following information has been mostly excerpted from the tremendous efforts and talents of Mr. Al Levy, who organized the World Computer Bridge Championship events, and from other sources, which have been named. The bridge community, the professional computer programmers, and sponsoring organizations are alike very grateful and thankful that Mr. Al Levy had the foresight to recognize the importance of the computer upon the game of bridge and the lasting effects the computer will wield as part of the game.

After becoming aware of the fact that a new phrase would be introduced into the English
language and other languages, that of online bridge and an online bridge community, it seemed only fitting that there be also a World Computer Bridge Championship event, where such programs could be pitted not only against each other to increase the incentive to develop a better bridge computer software program, but also against human counterparts as part of the enjoyment and entertainment of the players.

Mr. Al Levy has succeeded on all counts and must be congratulated not only for his efforts and for coordinating of such events, but also for his meticulous recordings of such events.
These events have only been archived and stored on this site.